Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to register?

Registering enables the website to track the requests that you submit each year. After your first year in the system, the Bulk Extension Request feature will then display your prior year requests and allow you to easily submit requests for those same businesses for the current year. If you do not wish to request an extension for a business that is on your Bulk Extension Request list, simply unselect it before submitting your list.


What if the business name does not appear in the search?

New businesses will not be in the database and will need a written request filed the first year. You cannot process an online extension request if the business does not exist in our database. You may access an extension form here.

If you have trouble with the search please contact the tax office by e-mailing or calling (828) 250-4930.

How do I process a bulk extension list from the prior year?

You will click the tab at the top to access “My Accounts”. Select the prior year in the drop down box. All the extensions you requested in the prior year will now populate into the extension request screen for the current year. To remove a business from your Bulk Extension Request list, simply click the box to the left of the name to unselect that business. Then, click the submit button at the bottom and your requests are in route to our office.

This is very helpful if you are requesting extensions for multiple businesses.

How do I add a business to my Bulk Extension Request list?

The Bulk Extension Request feature displays only the extensions you requested in a prior year. Additional businesses can be submitted separately using the search function on the home page. Once you have submitted a request for an additional business, that business will appear on your Bulk Extension Request list for the following year.

How do I know my request was received?

An email will be sent immediately after the request is received by the tax office. Within 24 to 48 hours you will receive another confirmation e-mail once the extension has been uploaded into the tax system.

What do the different statuses mean?

Request Extension - click to request the extension. This will change to pending after submitted.
Pending - a request has been submitted and a confirmation email will be forthcoming within 24-48 hours.
Complete - an extension has been granted to this business.

What is the deadline for filing an extension?

The online extension request must be submitted by January 31. After that date, extension requests will no longer be available.

What is the deadline to send in a listing once my extension is approved?

Extensions cannot be granted beyond March 15. Listings must be completed and received in our office or postmarked by the US Postal Service by March 15 in order to be considered on time.